Authenticity-Enabled Email

AuthentiMail is designed to facilitate the sending and receiving of messages that are digitally signed by the use of the private key (called a PEN, or Personal Endorsement Number) of a digital identity certificate  issued by Osmio, the certification authority of the Authenticity Infrastructure.

All Osmio identity certificates are accompanied by an Identity Quality score; AuthentiMail uses that score in determining how to process incoming messages.

AuthentiMail provides you with two inboxes – one for digitally signed messages and one for all other mail.

    The first inbox is only for mail that’s digitally signed using the PEN of an Osmio credential with a minimum Identity Quality (IDQA) score set by you, the mail receiver. [Button for Learn about IDQA]

    Any message that does not meet the criteria for your "signed mail" inbox will instead be put in the other inbox.

    Outgoing Mail: The default is that all outgoing messages are digitally signed by you. Besides the usual indication of a signed message, the outgoing mail message includes the following notice:

    This message is digitally signed by the PEN of the sender, giving you assurance that it actually was written and sent by the properly enrolled sender, whose identity quality score is [IDQA score] and that not a single bit has been altered since they signed it. Here is the identity badge of the sender: [IDQA badge]
    If your phone or computer tells you that the root certificate is unknown, then you will need to accept the certification authority that attests to the identity of the signer. While you’re at it, you can enroll in the Osmio Vital Records Department’s identity assurance program so that you too can send digitally signed messages.